How is it to submit to a beautiful Mistress – BDSM taster session for novices

First, let’s talk about your fantasies…

Let Me guess. You're a man who keeps having strange, disturbing, persistent, yet very intensive fantasies of a powerful Mistress having Her way with you. Perhaps She throws you over Her knee and gives you a long, hard spanking. Perhaps She ties you naked and spread-eagled to a bed and proceeds to tease and torment you for hours. Perhaps She locks a collar around your neck, locks your penis in a chastity and orders you to kneel at Her feet - and so you do, both fearing and loving every moment of it. Perhaps eventually She even takes you with Her strap-on.

If any of the above applies to you, it would be helpful if you answered the questions below honestly:

  • Have these BDSM fantasies become so persistent and intense that they constitute nearly every sexual fantasy you have?
  • Have you looked through the internet searching for fetish, bondage, humiliation and related practices, longing but not daring to act upon your desires?
  • Do you have the increasingly strong feeling that if you don’t explore these fantasies soon then you will go insane with frustration?
  • Have you spent endless hours looking at Mistress after Mistress on the internet wanting, but not daring, to take the first step?

Your search is over! You have just found the right Mistress who will guide you explore the submissive side in you! The answer is to book My Novice Taster Session.

What is a Novice Taster Session?

I designed my taster sessions because I receive a lot of inquiries from people with little or no experience. When you first set out to explore your interest in BDSM, you often don’t know why you have a fascination with a particular fetish. If you are spending a great deal of your life worrying that you are in some way 'strange' because you have developed a kinky interest that strikes an erotic chord deep within you, then this is the session for you!  Stop worrying, don’t be shy or embarrassed - your kinky desires are an intrinsic part of you and should be embraced and fulfilled!

The solution is to book a Novice Taster Session. Here under My careful, understanding guidance you can explore your fantasies in a healthy and constructive manner, and over time learn, understand and open yourself to the wonderful, amazing and fulfilling world of BDSM.

What do novices usually ask for in My taster session?
I create such sessions to reflect the novices’ individual interests so the clearer (braver!) you are in your email to Me, the better! However, just to help you, the following are a few of the elements that I am most often asked to include in a first BDSM experience: light CP (corporal punishment), humiliation, body worship, tie and tease, sensory deprivation, forced orgasm. 




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