How to book a session with Me?


I am available from midday until late, seven days a week. I am fairly flexible with My appointments but it’s best if you book a session in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

For session enquiries, contact Me by email to This is the easiest, fastest and the most convenient way to reach Me. Your email should include the following information: name (for the shy, first name will do), session date/time (if you already have some in mind), session length, BDSM interests and experiences as well as any limits, boundaries, or phobias. Please also mention any health issues you may have. It is very rare for health problems to be a barrier to having a great (if wicked) time, but it does help for Me to know in advance so that I can plan accordingly.

My aim is to push and test your boundaries but before that can happen I need to learn about your limits, previous experience and kinks you want to engage in. That is why any session will start with a short conversation about your fetishes, limits, possible scenarios etc.  Optionally, depending on your interests and experience, we can move straight onto the session, having discussed your likes and dislikes previously via email or over the phone.

I seek only to meet discerning intelligent and capable individuals with a desire to surrender to a beautiful and sophisticated Mistress like Me. Everything I offer is performed to the highest standard and with great attention to detail. I always aim to ensure that time spent with Me is an exhilarating experience and that no two sessions are ever the same.


Not sure how to offer your tribute? The appropriate etiquette is to provide it at the start of the session or during the introductory talk in a plain envelope – counted in advance! This is to avoid any awkwardness of you having to reach your money from your wallet and count it in front of Me.


1h – £190

2h – £360

3h – £500

Dinner & session – from £400


For new subs, slaves and worshippers who haven’t yet had the pleasure of getting to know Me – I require a small deposit. This is to secure My (precious!) time and your attendance. Deposits can be made using this website by clicking here,  via PayPal or – for those wanting complete discretion – via an anonymous Amazon voucher. For same day sessions (if such is available) I do not require a deposit, I rely on your integrity instead.

Equally, if you arrange to come and introduce yourself either at Subversion, where I am a House Mistress, or at LAM, I will not request a deposit from you to secure our session.

Chambers location and equipment

I session from a spacious private BDSM  studio located in SW9 London, south of the river, zone two, very close to a major tube station with excellent transport links. If you arrive early there are plenty of coffee shops and pubs in the area where you may wait until the time of our appointment, please do not arrive early or late – punctuality is what pleases Me.

I have a variety of equipment, including items such as: a St Andrew’s cross, spanking bench, interrogation chair, violet wand, e-stim, various canes, floggers, paddles, cuffs, spreader bars, light and heavy hoods, gags, dildos, butt plugs… and many more. My space is suitable for most play, but if you’re interested in a complex scenario or certain fetishes, such as more extreme medical play, I also have access to a variety of dungeons across central London and beyond.

That said, I love nothing more than being treated to new BDSM equipment and toys. Be a good boy, check My wish list and treat Me! I might even send you a photo proof of it being used accordingly.

See my wishlist page


Occasionally, and only for lighter sessions and with clients who have visited Me before, I can be tempted to meet at top hotels in London, as I have a vast array of BDSM equipment and toys that I can bring with Me.

Dinner Date

I love nothing more than to indulge Myself in a sophisticated meal accompanied by a glass of wine, during which I am served and entertained by My sub. A date like that can be a chance for you to spend time in My company outside of the BDSM environment or it can lead to a session and follow a few role-play scenarios. There are many reasons why you may choose a dinner date with Me; maybe you crave the companionship of a beautiful and intelligent lady, maybe you desire a scenario of Me being your bitchy wife, annoyed boss, first date girlfriend – with a twist, or maybe you just prefer to spend time getting to know Me personally. A dinner date can go many ways depending on your interests and on what we agree (perhaps it’s time to put you in chastity with Me wearing the key until our dinner finishes? – the options are exciting and endless). It goes without saying that I expect you to be a gentleman and treat your date to the dinner.




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