What My subs say about Me

“So I shined her black latex hood and dress. She looked so good, dominant and erotic, strong and controlling. She put me into restraints, gagged and flogged me, arse and back. All I could see where those eyes inside her latex hood, piercing and totally in command, staring and comforting all at the same time. She pulled her face close to me and whispered to check the pain as she applied pain in the nipple torture, fingers, nails and clamps. I could not see past these eyes and the slow moving lips and quiet voice. I was totally in her spell as she slowly dropped her saliva into my open mouth. More pain and comfort. A fantastic Domina and so ready to start again at our next session. Soon soon please.”

Posted by Silber Fuchs, January 2016

“Submitting to Mistress Wildfire for the first time is a heady, intoxicating and addictive experience. No photograph can prepare you for quite how spectacularly beautiful She is in person. She greeted me in a black latex mini-dress, stockings and latex opera gloves, her stunning figure demanding servility and obedience from the outset. At first sight I was transfixed, tongue-tied and unable to speak, like a nervous schoolboy.

Mistress Wildfire is possessed of a overwhelming intellect and a wicked creativity. I sat mesmerized, giddy with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, as She described the scenario She had devised for me. 
Within minutes I had been kidnapped.
Completely disorientated, cuffed and with a hood over my head, I was led by my Captor down winding steps to Her torture chamber.  Once inside and with no means of escape, my hood was removed and I was permitted to survey Her impressive and intimidating selection of instruments of domination and torture.

  As I followed Her instruction to undress, Mistress Wildfire stood over me imperiously brandishing Her riding crop; a superior, noble and elegant Eastern European Countess.  Once naked, I was tightly strapped into Her interrogation chair and, by now acquiescent and vulnerable, I was subjected to Her irresistible and expert hypnosis which stripped me of all vestiges of the will to resist and left me with only the desire to serve Her.

Completely enslaved, I was permitted to worship Mistress's stocking clad feet (she has the most perfectly formed and fragrant feet, which I would gladly worship forever) and then, to my delight, Her wonderful latex-clad ass, before humbly and gratefully being allowed to touch her body as I shined Her dress.

But Mistress Wildfire had only been toying with me so far. Soon I found myself shackled to Her examination table and subjected to the most exquisite of tortures. In turn I gladly submitted to a range of delicious punishments including breath-play, face-sitting, nipple torture, cruel sensation play, pin-wheels, electrics and teasing with various devices.  Firmly held by my manacles I was powerless to resist and I writhed helplessly on the table, thrilled that my yells of discomfort elicited such wonderful, wicked laughter from my divine Tormentress.

Mistress Wildfire's mixture of expertise, wit, creativity and humour is something exceptional. The role-play that She had prepared for me was very carefully thought out.  It was ingenious, wholly immersive and yet so inventive that I was never quite sure what She would do to me next.
Outside of our session Mistress Wildfire was strikingly intelligent, engaging and delightful company. Superlatives cannot possibly do Her justice and I can't recommend Mistress Wildfire highly enough. As I was released from my bonds I found myself begging to arrange another opportunity to submit to Her and I am counting the hours until I can place myself in Her clutches again.”

Enlightened Snowflake, May 2017




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